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about cat...

i'm cat........carrie ann taylor, to be exact! 

thank you for stopping by my site and strolling through my photos. i have taken great care in showcasing my very favorites, from cities where i have lived, towns i have sauntered through, country roads i have driven, people i have met, and experiences i have had. i cannot explain the beauty i have been blessed to see, but one thing i do know is that we are surrounded by it every day, all day long, in the simplest of ways. we just have to be able to open our hearts and minds to SEE what's all around us. just look up. its there! 

i have been taking photos since i was in high school...at least that i can remember. i took a photography class with mrs. johnson where i had to develop my own photos in a dark room, teaching me the value of the creative process (however, it was excruciatingly difficult!) thank god for technological advances and digital cameras.

growing up in a small, midwestern town, i saw my world differently. simple. unfiltered. it has strengthened my awareness of the people and places around me. the sentimental spaces. history. the heart and soul. i love looking through my lens, seeing what's  before me, capturing it in its purest form. that's what i attempt to do in each photo i snap.

at the end of 2018 i made a few goals for myself for 2019:
1.) i would work to become a professional photographer.
2.) i would purchase a professional dslr camera.
3.) i would show my photography at an art show and/or sell  pieces.

i accomplished both of those goals by august 2019, purchasing a nikon d3500, in february 2019 being the featured artist at south bend brewwerks in august 2019 as well as a participating artist at downtown south bend's arts on the race the same month.

i have sold several pieces to friends over the past year, and participated in the 2020 downtown south bend's arts on the race, selling 10 pieces. i was selected as a participating artist for art beat 2020, however it was cancelled due to the coronavirus. art beat draws 10,000+ attendees from the michiana region, and 900 artists from st. joe county. i am looking forward to art beat 2021! 

if you have any questions about my photos, please contact me at catseyefotografy@gmail.com and if you have a personal request, please let me know! i would love to try and make that happen for you!

warm regards,


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